Helgdagar och firande i hela världen
Abchazien, Botswana, idag är er nationaldag! EDIT gratulerar er på denna speciella dag.

linkSpanien (Balearische Inseln) : helgdagar, stängning av banker, skolan semester

Spanien (Balearische Inseln) : komplett kalender med helgdagar, nedläggning av banker och börser, skollov, mässor, kultur- och sportevenemang, festivaler, karnevaler, val

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    Tisdag 31 oktober, 2023Alla helgonshelgen (början)Skollov, förutom de ovan nämnda bankfridagarna (kan variera mellan olika distrikt)
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    Måndag 1 januari, 2024NyårsdagenSekulär semester
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    Lördag 6 januari, 2024TrettondagenKatolska
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    Måndag 8 januari, 2024Jullov (slut)Skollov, förutom de ovan nämnda bankfridagarna (kan variera mellan olika distrikt)
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    Onsdag 17 januari, 2024Etiopiska nyåret (Enkutatash)Katolska
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    Lördag 20 januari, 2024Medborgar/statshelgdagKatolska
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    Fredag 1 mars, 2024Baleariska ÖarnadagenSekulär semester
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    Lördag 9 mars, 2024Rally Clásico Isla MallorcarIdrottsevenemang
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    Onsdag 27 mars, 2024Påsklov (början)Skollov, förutom de ovan nämnda bankfridagarna (kan variera mellan olika distrikt)
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    Torsdag 28 mars, 2024Summit of Sustainable DestinationsBankerna är avslutad
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    Torsdag 28 mars, 2024SkärtorsdagKatolska och protestantiska
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    Fredag 29 mars, 2024LångfredagenKatolska och protestantiska
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    Alla helgonshelgen (början)

    Tisdag 31 oktober, 2023
    Skollovens :


    Måndag 1 januari, 2024
    Sekulär semester : Världens mest firade semester, nyår bildades den 1 januari av Julius Caesar, eftersom det var den dag då romerska konsulerna tog över sina uppgifter. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday


    Lördag 6 januari, 2024
    Katolska : Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

    Jullov (slut)

    Måndag 8 januari, 2024
    Skollovens : Https://www.caib.es
    official calendar gazetted by the Ministry of Education
    all study programs are aligned with the requirements of the Bologna Process
    PISA ranking (average 493): 493
    University of the Balearic Islands ranking: Shanghai (2023) #601-700
    Average class size: more than 25
    Schooling is mandatory till age 16
    number of instructional hours per year in lower secondary education: 700 hours
    Usually no school on Saturday
    No uniform required

    We carry confirmed dates till Aug 2024

    Please note that authorities may take last-minute decisions; please double-check if this information is vital to you
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    Etiopiska nyåret (Enkutatash)

    Onsdag 17 januari, 2024
    Katolska : Feast of St. Anthony of Abad. Animal-blessing tradition that originated in Italy. St. Anthony of Abad (251-356) was also known as St. Anthony of the Desert or St. Anthony of Egypt. When animals are sprinkled and sanctified, they receive additional protection from St Anthony. in Pina, Ariani, Arta, Colonia de Sant Pere, Buger, Capdepera, Consell, S'Horta, Manacor, Porto Cristo, Maria de la Salut, Muro, Petra, Sa pobla, Son Carrioj, Can Picafori, Calonge, Cala d'Or, Llombards, Portopetro, Biniamar, Salines, Sant Jordi, Sineu, Servera, Vilafranca, Alaior, Ciutadella, Castell, Fornelis, Migjorn, Ferreries, Mao, Portmany, Santa Agnes, Sant Mateu


    Lördag 20 januari, 2024
    Katolska : St Sebastian, patron saint of archers, soldiers, and athletes. He was a captain of the guard in Rome, but when his religion was discovered by Emperor Diocletian, he was sentenced to be shot with arrows. He was left for dead, but survived the attack, and instead of fleeing the city, he confronted the emperor, who then had him clubbed to death in Palma only

    Baleariska Öarnadagen

    Fredag 1 mars, 2024
    Sekulär semester :

    Rally Clásico Isla Mallorcar

    Lördag 9 mars, 2024
    Idrottsevenemang : Https://www.rallyislamallorca.com/
    Mallorca International Classic Car Rally -
    lasts 3 days -
    arrival day
    2024 edition confirmed

    Påsklov (början)

    Onsdag 27 mars, 2024
    Skollovens :

    Summit of Sustainable Destinations

    Torsdag 28 mars, 2024
    Bankerna är avslutad : Https://www.unwto.org/news/leading-the-transformation-summit-looks-to-more-sustainable-tourism lasts 2 days, in Palma 2024 edition NOT confirmed


    Torsdag 28 mars, 2024
    Katolska och protestantiska : Firar den sista måltiden när Jesus inrättats den heliga eukaristin


    Fredag 29 mars, 2024
    Katolska och protestantiska : The First Council of Nicaea (a gathering of bishops in the early days of Christianity) wanted to find a day to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This commemoration had to be linked to Jewish holiday traditions, since the last supper of Christ was believed to be a Jewish Passover meal. But the Jewish calendar is based on lunar and solar cycles, so the Easter celebration had to follow the same calendar.